Forge and HighTower Advisors Offer A Unique Approach to Access to Liquidity

There’s a paradigm shift happening in the capital markets space. There are a glut of companies entering the private-market economy that have decided to delay their IPO. The median age of a private company — specifically, late-stage startups — is 11 years.

The reason: Most of these companies want to stay private longer to improve their product, grow their revenue, and valuation.

However, while delaying an IPO can lead to long-term success, it also impacts the company’s and shareholders’ access to liquidity.

There are disparate services, programs, and platforms that can help unlock that liquidity for shareholders. However, wealth advisors found it hard to find liquidity solutions for their clients that will suffice.

Enter the Private Liquidity Network (PLN) — a new tool for wealth advisors. Forge and HighTower Advisors partnered to create the PLN — a powerful new platform — to help HighTower provide a much-needed client service to shareholders and companies who have liquidity needs.

PLN Streamlines Access to Liquidity

As companies’ exit timelines become extended, the need for employee liquidity will continue to grow. And, prior to the advent of the PLN, employees struggled with understanding and accessing their liquidity.

PLN closes the knowledge gap and helps private company shareholders understand the value of their holdings and liquidity options. In fact, PLN can help solve liquidity needs by:

  • Enabling employees of growing startups to sell their ownership shares
  • Providing tailored-liquidity solutions created for founders, c-suites, and executives
  • Sell shares in an intuitive, efficient, and reliable manner

Additionally, PLN supports entrepreneurs and owners of highly concentrated positions in privately held businesses, and this network is designed to create a competitive environment, which helps foster better economic terms and pricing for clients.

“My team and I work with founders, executives, and employees of emerging growth companies to facilitate liquidity within the context of an overall financial plan,” said Justin Winters, managing director at HighTower’s Treasury Partners, a team ranked as a 2018 Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisor.

“This new Private Liquidity Network will leverage the capabilities of established firms like Forge to help deliver liquidity solutions to these individuals. We’re very excited and look forward to a long relationship.” Winters concluded.

Kelly Rodriques, CEO of Forge, said: “Forge is proud to partner with HighTower Advisors and Treasury Partners to provide the insights, data, and liquidity for their clients in the private markets.”

“For premier wealth advisors and family offices, the Private Liquidity Network is a real differentiator and true value add for sophisticated advisors enabling them to meet the demand of their high net worth clients with private market shares that need efficient and secure liquidity solutions,” Rodriques concluded.

The PLN offers an innovative approach to liquidity opportunities in the private market. To learn more about the platform, visit HighTower Advisors.

To discuss how to begin your own liquidity program visit Forge or email us [email protected]