Introducing Forge — Empowering the Market of the Future

The private market is evolving and promises exceptional innovation — in essence, it’s open for business. 

With this new market, institutions and individual investors can have vast intelligence into high-growth private startups. What’s more, private companies are no longer beholden to the arduous and increasingly uncertain IPO path to secure the liquidity and capital they need for growth and innovation. Additionally, technology minimized the administrative complexity of managing cap tables and compliance.  

Employees and shareholders can also get the liquidity they need to fuel future endeavors and life events — such as starting a company, buying a home, or starting their own charity. 

However, some institutions, investors, shareholders, and private companies are still tied to the old Wall Street approach to investing and must overcome the uncertainty that keeps them from realizing the full potential of secondary markets. 

Enter Forge. Forge is the new, premier financial firm that gives investors, shareholders, and companies the power to unlock the boundless promise of the private market. 

The Future of Private Markets is Here

Equidate’s evolution into Forge not only marks our ability to keep pace with the evolving capital markets space, but also denotes our growth and continued success as a partner for sourcing both primary and secondary capital. 

Our new moniker is an ode to the growing momentum of the market and our ability to “forge” new avenues to investing. And, as Forge, we’ll serve as a driving force to empower shareholders, institutions, investors, and companies to engage in the new economy.

We’ll continue to give institutions the intelligence they seek into private markets, and we’ll empower shareholders with safe and secure liquidity. We’ll also work with institutions and companies across the globe to solve their new finance, administrative, investing and asset management needs.

There is No Progress Without Change

When Sohail Prasad and Samvit Ramadurgam began Equidate five years ago, their goal was simple: Unlock liquidity for thousands of early employees of private startups. 

As more startups stayed private longer, the need for early employees and individual investors to connect to liquidity opportunities grew. 

Through the use of our platform, early employees could liquidate a portion of their shares. And once these shareholders were armed with liquid assets, they could fund significant life events, such as buying a home, paying for their wedding or getting an education.

Additionally, institutions could use our platform to acquire insights into fast-growing private startups and possibly invest in top pre-IPO companies — diversifying their portfolio.

Throughout those five years, our platform and services gained notoriety in Silicon Valley. In fact, we conducted more than $1 billion in transaction volume.

However, with all of this success, we saw an opportunity to progress even further.

Forge is Widening Its Global Footprint 

Equidate quickly became a worldwide force, and as Forge, we’ll continue to widen our footprint in global markets. We have facilitated transactions in a range of non-U.S. based firms — such as Spotify — and allowed investors in Europe and Asia to invest in U.S.-based tech companies. 

Also, the strategic investors in our company are global, including German reinsurance giant Munich Re. 

As we continue to grow, we’ll open new offices around the world and develop new relationships that will continue to deepen the range of global investors and investing opportunities enabled by the Forge Global platform.

“This is an exciting time for Forge,” said Forge CEO Kelly Rodriques.

“Our vision is to enable private companies and their employees to better manage liquidity across multiple funding events and to forge new connections between our clients through our technology, data and global set of relationships. Our new brand aims to speak more directly to this core value proposition,” concluded Rodriques.

The name change and new approach to investing is only the beginning of what’s new here at Forge. Stay tuned for more updates on our advancement in the private markets.

We’re excited to bring you the future of the private market. Let’s Forge ahead.